How To Download Videos From Youtube

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flv blaster free free youtube downloaderAs you know, you can’t download videos directly from Youtube. There is no download button anywhere on the Youtube’s user interface. Also, you can’t right click on the video and select “save target as” or something similar. When you right click on the video, what you get is Adobe flash player settings. So, if you like a video and want to download it, what must you do?

It’s easy, just use a downloader software that can search the flv file on Youtube’s server, and download the file for you. Flv files are the video files that you watch on Youtube, and many other video sites. It’s the file that can be played by Adobe flash player. That’s why you need to install Adobe flash player plugin into your browser so the browser can play the flv file.

FLV Blaster is a free flv downloader. It can download flv videos form Youtube, and many other video sites such as,,,, and There are more than 100 sites supported by this free downloader

FLV Blaster allows you to download popular videos and music of your choice, the slick user interface design makes it easy to browse for the video and download it with the click of a button.

This Youtube downloader is absolutely free, and you can download the software by clicking the button bellow:

download free flv blaster


download free flv blaster

FLV Blaster Is Safe

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FLV Blaster is safe and freeOne of the biggest questions when downloading an application from the Internet, especially if it’s free, is whether the application is safe, contains no viruses, malware, or other dangerous stuffs. FLV Blaster, a flv downloader software, is free. So, is it safe to download and install FLV Blaster?

I can assure you it’s 100% safe, completely free from virus, spyware and malware. I have been using the software for several weeks now and have never received any warning message about this software from the anti virus and anti adware in my computer.

I’ve downloaded tons of videos with this software, mostly music videos. It works great, easy to use, and 100% safe.

So, the next question is, why it’s free? How come a company can spent its resources and money to make a software, and gave it away for free? The answer is in the packaging. When you install this software, another software called Hotbar is installed too. Hotbar is a downloadable software program that provides free access to a large catalog of sought-after online content, including videos, games and more. Much like network television, this content is free because it is funded by advertising.

After installing Hotbar, you can access hundreds of websites that offer free contents such as games, videos, and many others. Hotbar is not a malware because it is easy to uninstall if you don’t like it. But if you uninstall it, you will lose access to the free contents.

FLV Blaster is a great free software and Hotbar gives you access to cool free contents. If you feel it’s for you, just click the download button bellow to download it:

download free flv blaster


download free flv blaster